Terms and conditions


By creating an account on the Website, or by visiting and/or using any page on www.pin-up.bet managed by B.W.I. BLACK-WOOD LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as the Website), you agree to:

– User agreement terms and conditions;

– Betting Rules;

– Privacy Policy;

– Any terms of bonuses, advertising, and special offers promoted on the Website pages.

All terms and conditions listed above hereinafter are referred to as the Terms. Please read them carefully before accepting the Terms. Please don’t open an account and/or don’t use the Website, if you do not agree to the Terms or do not intend to follow them. Any use of any part of the Website will signify your acceptance of the Terms.



2.1. The Website is operated by B.W.I. BLACK-WOOD LIMITED a company registered in Cyprus under company registration number HE 405814, acting as a payment agent, having its registered address at Spyrou Kyprianou 61, SK HOUSE, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus.

2.2. Carletta N.V. is licensed (Curacao License #8048/JAZ2017-0003) and regulated by Antillephone N.V. Carletta N.V.s has a business address at Perseusweg 27A, Curaçao; its registration number is 142346; its mailing address is Perseusweg 27A, Curaçao. 

2.3. Wherever pronouns “we”, “ours”, “us”, and words “the Company” are used in the Terms, they refer to the aforementioned party, with which you enter into an agreement.

2.4. Wherever pronouns “you”, “yours”, “your”, and words “the Client” and “user” are used in the Terms, they refer to the party which accepts the terms and conditions of the Company and enters into an agreement with it.

2.5. You confirm that you are not a resident of the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, United States of America, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, Curacao, France, Denmark, Cyprus, Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Moldova, Greece by registering on the Pin-Up website.

2.5.1. The Client confirms that at the moment of using the online services provided by the Company by agreeing to the Terms:

(a) they do not have a physical residence in the territory of any of the listed countries in clause 2.5 of the Terms;

(b) in respect of the laws allowing or prohibiting the use of any services provided on the Company’s website, they comply with the laws of the country of their citizenship and/or the country of their residence;

(c) they are acting on their own behalf;

(d) they do not have limitations to their legal capacity;

(e) they have not been classified or diagnosed as compulsive or pathological gambler.

2.5.2. In addition, on the website, customers from Armenia are prohibited from using the Sports section. All these bets may be annulled (settled with odds of 1/1) if the website administration finds out that any sporting bets have been made by residents of Armenia.


3.1. For a variety of reasons, including commercial, legal, and reasons related to customer services, the Company reserves the right to amend, edit, and change any of the Terms.

3.2. Updated Terms and their effective dates are available on the Company’s website. By posting an updated version of the Terms on the Website, we inform the Client of any amendments, additions, or changes. From the moment of publication on the Website, any changes are considered effective.

3.3. Familiarize themselves with the current Terms and regularly checking for any updates is the Client’s responsibility.

3.4. Without any prior notice, we reserve the right to make any changes to the Website operation, such as software used and services provided. Nevertheless, we will use the contact details specified in the Client’s account to notify users of any changes.

3.5. You may choose to cease using the Website if you do not agree with any changes. After the effective date of the latest version of the Terms, your continued use of any part of the Website will be treated as acceptance of the revised Terms.


4.1. Minors under the age of 18 or of any other age considered illegal for gambling by a particular jurisdiction under no circumstances, they cannot use the Website services. The use of the Website services by an underage Client will be considered a breach of the Terms. If the Company suspects that the service is being used by an underage Client, the Company has the right to suspend your account and refuse Website services.

4.2. For the purposes of ensuring that underage Clients do not use the Website services, the Company reserves the right to request a copy of your identity document seeking to confirm your age.

4.3. The Company does not guarantee that all Website services will comply with the legal norms of your particular jurisdiction. In accordance with your jurisdiction, you use the services provided by the Website at your discretion, assuming responsibility for the decision as to whether the use of the Website services is lawful. Under the jurisdiction of your residence area, Internet Gambling may be illegal, in which case you are not legally allowed to use your payment card to perform any transactions on the Website.

4.4. You agree and acknowledge that the use of the Website services fulfills all applicable regulations and laws under your jurisdiction. The Company is not responsible for any unauthorized or illegal Website use by you.

4.5. You are entirely and solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes and fees on any winnings received through the Website. You are responsible for declaring your winnings and/or losses to such authorities if the winnings are taxed by your local legislative or tax authorities.

4.6. You are entirely responsible for the safety of your personal account data, including your login name and password.

4.7. You agree to provide evidence of any unauthorized access at the Company’s request. You agree to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized access to your account and/or any security breaches. 

4.8. If your login and password details were used by another person, the Company is not responsible for any losses suffered by you.


5.1. You must open an account (hereinafter “your Account”) supplying your e-mail address and mobile phone number and then selecting a password that will be used to log in to the system in order to use the Website services. Moreover, provide the Company with your personal information to get full access to all Website functions, during the registration process, including your name, city, address of residence, and date of birth.

5.2. The date of birth you specify when registering as well as the first and last names must be your true real personal information. To carry out financial transactions using the payment details provided, the Company reserves the right to request a copy of your identity document seeking to confirm your personal information as well as a document confirming your legal capacity. The Client who successfully provided all required documentation can be referred to as the “Verified Client”, and this procedure is called “Account Verification”. Under Profile, the Client can attach a copy of their identity document in their Personal account. Before or after a withdrawal request, document upload section at any time, including immediately after their registration. We reserve the right to suspend your account until you provide us with any required information and/or completely delete your account if we are further unable to receive this information from you if you do not wish or cannot provide the information we’ve requested.

5.3. When registering on the Website, you confirm that you provide accurate and real personal information about yourself, and you are obliged to notify us in a timely manner in case any of this information changes. We reserve the right to restrict your account and further fully close it, voiding all transactions (bonuses, winnings) as well as all bets and their winnings, if you do not meet these requirements.

5.4. Our Website only allows for one account per household/family/person/device/ to be opened and used. The accounts will be marked as duplicates (hereinafter “Duplicate Account”) if this rule is violated. The Company has the right to delete any Duplicate Accounts straight away and, AT ITS OWN DISCRETION:

5.4.1. any transactions made from the Duplicate Account deem invalid;

5.4.2. refund all deposits and bets made from the Duplicate Account, minus the withdrawn funds as well as any Company commissions for the associated financial transactions;

5.4.3. while using an active Duplicate Account, void any winnings, refunds, and bonuses that you have collected or received. Upon our request, you agree to return to us any such funds that have been withdrawn from the Duplicate Account.

5.5. Minimum sum for a single payment: $ 15

5.5.1. Withdrawal limits:

Withdrawal limit

Per day

Per week

Per month

$ 5 000

$ 15 000

$ 45 000

5.6. During workdays from Monday to Friday, account verification is carried out by our financial or security departments with the exception of cases when user account verification is essential to process an active request of the funds withdrawal.

5.7. Your bank-issuer may charge an additional fee for processing and transferring funds.


6.1. You may only deposit funds from the account registered in your name. The company does not accept any funds from third parties. 

6.1.1. The Company reserves the right to nullify all winnings on this account and block it until any circumstances in question have been clarified if a security check shows that a deposit was made by a third party.

6.1.2. Any transfer fees will be covered by the recipient if a bank transfer is required to return any funds to their legal owner.

6.2. To process electronic transactions both of payments made by you and to you, we reserve the right to use third-party organizations.

6.3. The Company reserves the right to block your Account, cancel any payments made and revoke any winnings, in case we discover any fraudulent transactions on your part, including use of stolen credit cards, any payment refunds or cancellations, and actions related to funds deposition for the purpose of exchange between payment systems. We reserve the right to notify the relevant authorities about any illegal or fraudulent activity.

6.4. The company does not respond to any unauthorized credit card activity.

6.5. You understand and agree that your account is not a banking account, which means there aren’t any other types of banking insurance guarantees or any deposit insurance guarantees. Additionally, no interest is accrued on the account.

6.6. Provided that all payments made to your account have been checked and met all criteria of the Terms above, you have the right to request fund withdrawals from your account.

6.7. The Company has the right to request copies of identity documents from the Client before making any payments. The Company adheres to the international KYC guideline (Know Your Customer), which obliges companies before allowing any withdrawal operations to conduct identity checks on their clients. The Company reserves the right to require the Client to go through additional identity verification methods, including, but not limited to a request of a snapshot of the person’s face next to their identity document,  video identification, etc.

6.8. Payouts are made using the same method as the deposits into the gaming account in accordance with international regulations against money laundering and fraud. In case the withdrawal cannot be made via the same method, the Company will offer an alternative method.

6.9. Your Bonus Balance should have no active bonuses, lottery tickets or free spins, at the moment of requesting a payment, otherwise, the Company reserves the right to cancel any active winnings and bonuses on them when processing the payment.

6.10. The website administration has the right to withhold up to 20 % of the amount requested for withdrawal if at the time a withdrawal request is made the sum of all bets placed by the Client is lower than the sum of all their deposits. We reserve the right to withhold up to 25% of the amount requested for withdrawal if the Client wants to withdraw funds using a bank card.

6.11. The sum of all bets placed after the most recent deposit is less than the most recent deposit amount if at the time a withdrawal request is made, and the website administration has the right to withhold up to 20 % of the amount requested for withdrawal. We reserve the right to withhold up to 25% of the amount requested for withdrawal if the Client wants to withdraw funds using a bank card.

6.12. Prior to fulfilling the requested withdrawal, the company reserves the right to check and analyze any of your financial transactions within of a period up to 24 hours. Due to any delays caused by the payment system handling the transaction, a withdrawal request may remain unprocessed beyond the indicated processing times for technical reasons.

6.13. Rules for playing Instant Lottery promo. You must check your lottery ticket issued to you after placing bets at the casino in order to take part in the lottery. The prize won by the user is determined at the time the ticket is checked. Information about your issued tickets can be found in the Lottery section of the User account. 

The administration reserves the right to bar the user from participating in the promotion and cancel all their winnings or block their account if a user abuses Instant Lottery promo conditions. Time to meet the requirements: 24 hours from the moment the bonus is credited. Bonus prize wagering requirements: 70x of the received bonus sum. Maximum bonus payout: 10x of the bonus received. Non-cash prizes may be issued in cash equivalent instead. The range of prizes available in the lottery is subject to change.

From the moment a request from the winner is received, non-cash prizes will be issued within 30 business days. If users haven’t provided requested documents or for any other reason outside the Website administration’s control, and if the winner of a non-cash prize fails to collect their prize within 60 days from the moment they won it, the winner loses their right to collect the prize. The lottery ticket is valid for 10 days from its receipt date.

The maximum number of unchecked tickets per account: 100.

The maximum number of tickets that can be received per day: 10.

The maximum bet amount spent on one spin counted towards getting a lottery ticket: $ 5.

Unchecked lottery tickets are deleted upon funds withdrawal or transfer. Bets made in order to receive a lottery ticket only count when placed at slots that count towards wagering requirements.

6.14. Casino Bonuses. Any bonus is stored separately from your main balance and credited to your bonus balance. The real money will be used first after a deposit has been made and any associated bonuses credited. The bonus balance will become available to continue playing when your remaining main balance is less than $ 0.5. Until their respective bonus wagering requirements have been fulfilled, and all bonuses and winnings are credited to your bonus balance and cannot be withdrawn. The bonus funds linked to this bonus are transferred from the bonus balance to your main balance and can be withdrawn at any time once these bonus wagering requirements have been met.

Bets with casino bonus balance are available only in video slots.

With the exception of the slots listed below, bets placed using video slots count towards the bonus wagering requirements.

Bets placed in the following gambling categories do not count towards bonus wagering requirements: card games, virtual sports, roulette, keno, and live dealer games, lottery.

The maximum sum that counts towards wagering requirements is $ 5.The maximum wagered bonus cannot exceed the number of bonus funds received more than 10 times. 

6.15. Sportsbook Bonuses. Any bonus is stored separately from your main balance and credited to your bonus balance. Real money will be used first after a deposit has been made and any associated bonuses credited. The bonus balance will become available to continue playing when your remaining main balance is less than $ 0.5. All bonuses and winnings cannot be withdrawn until their respective bonus wagering requirements have been fulfilled and are credited to your bonus balance. The bonus funds linked to this bonus are transferred from the bonus balance to your main balance and can be withdrawn at any time, once these bonus wagering requirements have been met.

Only Live and Sports bets qualify for bonus wagering requirements. However, in a particular bonus conditions section, other bonus wagering requirements on sporting bets are detailed on the Promotions page.

6.16. Abuse of bonus and promotional offers.

6.16.1. Obtaining any guaranteed profits using promo offers or bonus are considered to be abuse. This includes: unfair bonus wagering, guaranteed income strategies.

6.16.2. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel and/or revoke any payments related to bonus and promo offers, as well as to completely block the player’s account if we detect or suspect any abuse.

6.16.3. We reserve the right to refuse access to promo campaigns and to grant bonuses to any user without explaining our reasons for doing so.

6.16.4. For any damage suffered by a user as a result of any fraudulent and/or abusive activities performed by that user, we shall not be held liable.

6.17. The use of “One-click” feature to make a deposit by the Client. The customer agrees to subsequent 1-Click transactions using this bank card (with no further 3DS-authentication required) by making the first deposit using the 1-Click feature on the Website and successfully completing the 3DS-authentication (a procedure that confirms that the transaction is made with the card holder’s consent).


7.1. Performing any activities that may affect the Website’s performance as well as uploading a volume of information to the Website that may cause disruptions, as well as, such as using and/or distributing viruses or similar malware, are prohibited.

7.2. Deletion or distortion or any other alteration of the Website’s data are prohibited.

7.3. You agree not to use any hacking and/or similar methods to bypass the Website security. We will be forced to immediately stop your access to the Website services and block your Account in case our security system gets breached. The Company reserves the right to inform any relevant authorities of such events.

7.4. Gaining an unfair advantage (usually referred to as cheating) is not allowed. This includes using exploiting errors and loopholes in our software, any malware, and using automated players, known as “bots”.

7.5. The use of the Website prohibits colluding or attempting to directly or indirectly collude with other players.

7.6. We will take all reasonable steps to detect any collisions, prevent such activities, and all involved players and deal with them accordingly. We will hold any liability for any losses or damage that you or any other player may have suffered as a result of fraudulent, collusive,  or otherwise illegal activities and/or cheating. Any action we take against any involved parties will be at our sole discretion.

7.7. If we detect any suspicious activity associated with your account, we reserve the right to suspend your access to the Website and block your account at any time without prior notice. In such a case, we will be under no obligation to compensate or refund any funds remaining on your account balance. We reserve the right to inform any relevant authorities of such activities, and you agree to fully cooperate with us to investigate them.

7.8. The Company is not responsible for any losses that you may have suffered if you’ve experience problems with IT or software caused by attacks, viruses or other malware during the use of the Website and/or any links posted on the Website.

7.9. Swearing and harassment towards the Website employees and other customers Aggressive, as well as derogatory or offensive communication are prohibited. The administration has the right to block or delete the Client’s account without any payouts of funds on their account in case of a violation of one or more clauses of the Terms by the Client.

7.10. The Client must not use any technical or software tools based on algorithms of automatic decision making when using the Website, any programs and scripts performing from automatic requests sending or autocompletion, including any software to automate bids, or so-called “robot programs”. The administration has the right to block accounts of the Clients who cancel any bids made from these accounts, violate this rule, and block or confiscate any funds available on the account.

7.11. The Website prohibits presenting forged documents or documents belonging to other persons during the account verification process or any other checks conducted by the Website administration. The Website administration considers such actions fraudulent, as a result, we will have to immediately stop your access to the Website services and block your account.

7.12. The Website administration prohibits transferring ownership of an account from one person to another by any means of gifting, exchange, or purchasing is strictly prohibited. Any account registered on our website can only be used by one person.


8.1. By sending an email to [email protected], you can terminate your account at any time.

8.2. The Company reserves the right to collect any amount of money from you that you owe to the Company before closing your account.

8.3. Neither party has any further obligations towards one another in case of your account termination.

8.4. If the Company finds out that the Terms have been breached, the Company reserves the right to delete your account, including your password details or user name without prior notification.

8.5. The Company reserves the right to block or suspend your account without any notice, in case your account remains inactive for six or more months. Any funds on the inactive account can also be written off at the company’s discretion.


9.1. You agree that the use of the Website services is fully your choice, made at your own discretion and risk.

9.2. The Website is operated according to the Terms and Conditions described on this Website. Hereby decline any arising responsibilities to the extent permitted by the law, and we do not provide any additional guarantees with respect to the Website services.

9.3. We are not responsible for any damage or losses suffered, including but not limited to: loss of income, data, reputation, prestige, and any other unforeseen losses.

9.4. The company is not responsible for the content of any other websites, which can be accessed through the Website.


10.1. You are obliged to fully compensate the Company for expenses arising from the violation of these Terms as well as any other costs and fees (including legal fees).

10.2. We reserve the right to if you violate the Terms:

10.2.1. send you a notification of the Terms breach, requiring you to stop any further violations;

10.2.2. to prevent you from using the Website services, suspend your account ;

10.2.3. with or without any prior notification, block your account;

10.2.4. write off any payments, winnings, or bonuses, from your account obtained by you as a result of any violation.

10.3. If you have not complied with any of the clauses in the Terms, the Company reserves the right to delete your account without any recovery options.

10.4. The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the account while the security department carries out an investigation at the first sign of any fraudulent account activity or failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. Excluding weekends and holidays, usually, an investigation takes from 7 to 30 business days. This period is subject to change in each individual case.


11.1. The website content is subject to copyright. All materials presented on the Website that are available for download or printing can be printed exclusively for non-commercial use and can only be saved on one personal computer.

11.2. The use of the Website does not grant the Client any rights to the intellectual property belonging to the Company or any other third party.

11.3. The use of any logos, trademarks, or other creative website materials is prohibited.


12.1. Contact our support team, in case you need to file a complaint regarding the Website operation.

12.2. The latter will be considered actual and final, if any discrepancies are found between the data displayed on your screen and the data available on the Company’s server.

12.3. Claims regarding any sporting event results where any bets were made are accepted only upon presentation of any official documents regarding the results or a link to the website of the event organizer supporting the claim’s grounds and only within 30 calendar days from the moment of the event conclusion.

12.4. The sole recognized evidence is the transfer logs in the Company’s system for all claims related to any transfers of account funds.

12.5. The final decision is made by the Company’s administration in situations not covered in the scope of this agreement.

12.6. From the moment of receiving the requested email, any requests sent to the Company’s support email address ([email protected]) will receive a response within a period of up to 2 days (48 hours). The same timeframe applies to processing any Client requests that require account changes to be carried out by the administration.


13.1. This does not absolve you from needing to comply with these obligations if the Company fails to enforce obligation compliance on you.


14.1. You accept the exclusive right of the courts of the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus to settle any disputes (including compensation and counterclaims) that may arise from these Terms, and These Terms comply with and are interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

14.2. Internet Gambling may be illegal under the jurisdiction of your residence area. In such an instance, to complete any transactions on the Website, you are not legally allowed to use your payment card.

14.3. It is the card holder’s responsibility to know and understand the laws concerning online gambling in their country of residence.

14.4. Minors are not allowed to use the Website.


15.1. This policy contains clauses applicable to the Company’s website. The processor and the controller of the personal user data on the Website is the company B.W.I. BLACK-WOOD LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “we”, “our”, “ours” or “us”). The office of Company office is located at Spyrou Kyprianou 61, SK HOUSE, 4003 Limassol, Cyprus, operating under the license of the Carletta N.V. with the office at Perseusweg 27A, Curaçao.

15.2. All visitors of the Website and/or persons using features of the Website are subject to personal data collection (hereinafter referred to as “the Users” or “you”). The Company and the User are referred to as “the Party” when mentioned individually, and as “Parties” when mentioned together.

15.3. This policy explains how we use and protect any personal data collected from the Website Users.

15.4. We guarantee that the Users’ personal data will be and we will comply with the guideline established by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679):

– processed honestly, legally, and transparently on our side;

– will not be further used in a way that goes against these purposes (“purposes limitation”) and collected for specific, explicit, and legal purposes;

– appropriate, adequate, and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it will be processed (“data minimization”);

– updated and accurate when necessary; is erased or corrected as soon as possible (“accuracy”), and every reasonable step shall be taken to ensure that any personal data which is inaccurate for the purposes for which it will be processed;

– stored in a form that allows identification of users no more than it is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is processed; (“limitation of storage”);

– processed in a way that guarantees its adequate security, including accidental loss, protection from unauthorized or illegal processing, destruction, or damage, using appropriate structural and technical methods (“integrity and confidentiality”).

15.5. Personal data collected and processed by the Company includes: first name, patronymic name, last name, address of residence and contact information, valid e-mail address, place of residence, login (username), relevant payment information. The company has the right to request a scanned copy of their passport or any other identity document, for the purpose of verifying the User’s identity. All personal information provided by you must be valid and accurate. You are solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and correctness of the data you provide.

15.6. How we will use your personal information. When users register on our website, we use your personal data to assist with the user identity verification process carried out. The data is then further used to identify you and authenticate payments from the Company to the User and from the User to the Company. For the purpose of providing you with services on our Website, we use your payment details (such as the name of the credit card number, the cardholder, and the expiration date of the card).

15.7. We use your personal data for the following purposes: to maintain your account and records; to provide you with our services; to communicate with you in regards to supplying our services; to monitor the dynamics and levels of use of our Website and the quality of our services; to provide answers and feedback to your questions and comments; to determine user interest metrics of our services; to improve the quality of our services and our Website; to notify you about our special offers and services that may be of interest to you; to transfer your winnings to you (if any applicable conditions have been met); to determine your experience on our Website; to receive information from you, including through surveys we conduct; for disputes settlement; for charging fees (if there are appropriate grounds); to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to eliminate problems and errors on our Website; to ensure compliance with our Terms & Conditions and all our policies stated on this Website.

15.8. Disclosure of your personal data. For the purposes described above in this policy, your personal data may be disclosed (transferred) by the Company to any of our daughter companies or business partners (regardless of their geographic location). We guarantee that any such companies comply with the clauses of this regulatory act, and are aware of the personal data processing guidelines according to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

15.9. Provided that such processing will be regulated by contractual arrangements in accordance with the law, the above-mentioned companies as well as we, may from time to time involve third parties in processing your personal data for the purposes indicated above. In case it is required or permitted by law, your personal data may also be disclosed to the appropriate government, regulatory or executive agency.

15.10. The Client by registering on the Website, agrees to receive services-related and promotional SMS or email messages sent by the service provider or by third-party agents authorized by the service provider to a mobile phone number or email address the Client provided when registering on the Website or provided afterwards.